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Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2008-2009 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2008:
4Opening night and welcome - no teaching
11Grapevine Step
Dvasti Tristi (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Louisiana Saturday Night (USA) - Taught by Edna
18Hall not available - dancing cancelled
25Hall not available - dancing at Extendicare (request night)
Yo Ya (Israel) - Taught by Heather
El Borot Hamayim (Israel) - Taught by Donna
9Cifra and Cherkesia
Dospatsko Horo (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Radomirska Lesa (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
23Csardas and Rida
Joc in patru de la Tirgul Lapus (Romania) - Taught by Edna
Zena Isla u Gosti (Croatia) - Taught by Donna
30Hallowe'en Party
6Step-Hop and S-Q-Q
Kukuvicka (Bulgaria) - Taught by Edna
Sedi Donka (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
13Buzz step and rida
La Bastringue (France) - buzz step - Taught by Heather
Kulsko Horo (Bulgaria) - Taught by Edna
27Etz Hamishalot (Israel) - Taught by Donna
4Over the Ocean (Finland) - Taught by Dorothy
11Miserlou (Greece) - Taught by Edna
Jocul Zestrie (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
25Merry Christmas! No dancing
January 2009:
8Sharm el Sheik (Israel) - Taught by Heather
Shoofni (Israel) - Taught by Donna
15Pravo Prodopsko Horo (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Ma Navu (Israel) - Taught by Edna
5Drmes iz zdencine (Croatia) - Taught by Donna
Hora Michal (Israel) - Taught by Edna
12No Teaching this week
19Floricica Olteneasca - Part 1 (Romania) - Taught by Donna
26Floricica Olteneasca - Part 1 (Romania) - Taught by Donna
Kedine (Turkey) - Taught by Heather
12Pinosavka (Serbia) - Taught by Edna
Shir Hashirim (Israel) - Taught by Donna
19Wyka (Poland)
Kabadayi (Turkey)
9Sarba de la Flororaia (Romania) - Taught by Dorothy
Siksara (Turkey)
15Tzur Hasidi (Israel)
Netty Netty (Caribbean)
23Barbancul din Nasaud (Romania) - Taught by Dorothy
Hambo (Sweden)
7Pogonisios (Greece)
Makedonska Devojce (Macedonia)
14REVIEW of the year's dances
21REVIEW of the year's dances
28Party - Last day in the Hall before summer
4First "Dancing in the Park" of the summer!

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Click here to see This Year's Teaching Schedule (2016-2017).

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